Custom Profiles

We can manufacture aluminium profiles for the exact needs your products have. The custom aluminium extrusion of aluminium profiles is our core business. The majority of our aluminium profiles are made according to our customers specifications. In our 25 years in the business, we have accumulated experience and expertise in aluminium alloys, aluminium extrusion , standards and quality procedures, allowing us to offer profiles for the highest expectations.

What kind of profiles can we make?

Contact our sales department and let us know what you need – we’ll help you design the perfect product that meets your requirements. We make aluminium profiles that weight at least 55 g/m and at most 10 kg/m. Maximum size depends on the shape of the profile.

Consistent Quality, Shorter Lead Times, Greater Capabilities, Additional machining for Custom Aluminum Extrusions.

Our design team work closely with you to design custom aluminium profiles and extruded aluminium profiles that will meet your needs and optimize the production so that we can give you a highly competitive aluminium extruded profile.